American Dream

Build your island

This dream can come true!

Have you ever imagined yourself as the richest man on Earth? Enjoying your own private island, villas, yachts, planes, exotic sport cars, masterpieces of art and tons of gold jewelry? Of course, you do!

Merge computers and earn coins

Merge cool and cute computers

Start merging cool looking computers, upgrading them and changing for better, newer, faster ones. Collect earned money and investment into your private paradise.

Build paradise island

Build your private paradise

This private tropical island will be your retreat and a comfy hideout. You'll start from a simple caravan, cheap car, and boat. Thanks to your hard working computers you will upgrade quickly.

American Dream cute computer

  American Dream

It is actually more than one game. The same as in real life you'll have the professional and private path. Both sides of this never ending adventure are presented in a very attractive way. Cartoon-like, colorful, well animated graphics, cute sounds and a pinch of humor will make you come back to this game every day.

We are sure you'll love that unique, chilled atmosphere and discreet charm of huge money.




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American Dream cute computer

What a news!

American Dream was featured as a "New game that is loved" by Apple. Our game was promoted on more than 80 different markets!

We're really grateful for all the love from our users and we're working very hard on the app. Expect some cool updates very soon! Follow us on our social media channels. You'll find them below.


"Dear Byss Mobile, You guys have done very well making an awesome time killer and a very fun game and it really reminds me of the computers in the 70's"

by Oliver Anthony


"I think this app is excellent and it is very stress relieving and I would rate it 100000000000000 out of 100000000000000"

by Lee Dunn


”I love this app!!!!!!!!!!!!! because it makes me smile each and every day I come on this app. When I compete my color by number thing, it looks so cool!”

by A Google user

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